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CNP Meeting Venue

Meetings are hosted at the Sir Edmond Halley's in Park Road Shopping Center.  The shopping center is a Charlotte landmark at the crossroads of Park Road and Woodlawn Road. This group  meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month starting promptly at 11:30 until 1:00.   

IMPORTANT:  We do not have a membership fee. Each attendee is expected to support Sir Ed's by purchasing lunch.   

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Charlotte Networking Professionals is an organization that facilitates business-building opportunities for its members.Its members are provided a platform to meet other business people, to share marketing ideas, and to learn the products and services represented within the group. Collectively and individually, its members adhere to the highest business and ethical standards.

PLEASE NOTE: We require you to attend at least two meetings before applying for membership. 

This allows all parties to determine if membership is the next logical step. If you have additional questions, please use the "CONTACT US" link.

Membership Agreement

By endorsing this agreement, you agree to be held accountable to the following standards:

  • Members can miss no more than two meetings within a two month period.
  • Exceptions to this rule must be cleared with the Board in advance.
  • Having a visitor represent a member in their absence does not constitute an absence.
  • If a member misses two meetings in two months without a substitute their membership can be revoked.
  • Members must work towards extending the group's business building opportunities by bringing guests and potential members to meetings.
  • Members are expected to seek opportunities to promote the businesses of other members and to diligently seek referral opportunities for other members.
  • Disagreements or grievances between members are expected to be handled in a private, professional manner between the parties involved or addressed through the Board.
  • Failure to uphold the standards of the group will jeopardize membership status. The Board reserves the right to place members on probation, or dissolve membership of those who fail to meet these standards.
  • Membership in other referral groups is in direct conflict with this group.By signing this agreement, you acknowledge this concern and agree not to maintain membership or join another referral group that would compromise your ability to provide referrals to group members. (Some networking groups such as the Charlotte Chamber would not be considered in conflict with this organization.Prospective members must disclose membership to other groups for review by the Board)



Mission Statement

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By ticking this checkbox and submitting your application, you acknowledge the terms of the Membership Agreement. You agree that your membership is predicated on your attendance and participation, and understand the expectations the Board has of you to hold your profession in Charlotte Networking Professions.

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